The Rebels

PackRebels design, develop and produce packaging.



PackRebels design, develop and produce packaging for premium international clients.


Our inspiration comes from challenging the norms with regards to packaging.


We enjoy taking a different approach and that is why we consider ourself as rebels - PackRebels.

We strive to create creative and useful packaging that standout.


Our goal is to develop continuously in designs and the way we think packaging.


Being an independent company allows us the freedom to pursue new ideas and design. We are flexible to work with and committed to tailoring the perfect packaging to match our clients needs.


At PackRebels™ we love what we do, and we share this enthusiasm with

all those who we are fortunate enough to work with. Be it small or big, complicated or straight forward, local or global, we work hard to make a solution that best fits the task in question — just like a hand fits a glove.


PackRebels is based in Copenhagen with office in Hong Kong and factory

in China.


  • 30 years experience.
  • Own factory in China.
  • Own QC team in China.
  • Creative solutions.
  • Based in Copenhagen.



While small in size, we have a big-company mindset.


PackRebels is founded by Peter Schmidt who have more that 30 years experience in the packaging business. Through his experience, we have a big network, and know the best people.


We hire the best freelancers and create the perfect team. In this way we break down the silos of the larger agencies while keeping the overhead at a minimum and delivering high-quality packaging for our clients.


Flæsketorvet 68

1711 Copenhagen V



Tel: (+45) 3157 3940





PackRebels design, develop and produce packaging for premium international clients.

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